Compensation and welfare system according to the company’s development strategy and human resources planning, reflect the market competition and internal equity, to support the employee’s development and growth, to attract, retain and motivate talents;


Market competition: The whole staff salary welfare level is competitive in the target market for talent;

Internal equity: The contribution of the job value is bigger, the higher the degree of the Department, the rewards more lucrative;

Performance oriented: Broadband salary: salary level depends on the performance of hard work, do not work shall not;

Salary structure: Basic salary + salary + allowances + level housing subsidies + meal subsidies

Employee welfare: Housing provident fund + social insurance + paid vacation holiday gift + bonus + birthday party+

Salary system (broadband salary = post value + personal value and innovation value)

The value of jobs, employee performance level and capability, salary level difference is salary basis;

The daily wage system of indirect production personnel;

Hardware workshop direct production personnel to implement the post wage piecework system;

Assembly workshop production personnel directly implement a piece of collective and individual combination system.

The company annually according to the individual performance level of output and employee electrical industry salary level, price level, the company and the employee salary for the annual review and adjustment.